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South Africa bishop enters Bulgaria market
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Last week, vinopoli of importer of top class bishop held a distinctive south Africa bishop to sample in Bulgaria capital Sofia meeting, aim to open south Africa wine to be in further the sales volume of Bulgaria market.

Taste bender to be in Uno? BBQ? The garden is held, the person that attend the meeting includes distinguished personages of course of study of reporter of division of Bulgaria serve spirits, bishop, meal, it is important that Jiehade Weize of south Africa ambassador told about history of south Africa vinous to reach its position. The brew of south Africa is recorded but date from comes on Feburary 2, 1659, the grape wine in opening Puduidi to allow gram of shellfish of Fan Li of governor support · uses him garden at that time is made give the first batch of wine. South Africa built plant of brew of bishop of the first collaboration 1906 - Drostdy. 1918, KWV of magnate of line of business of south Africa wine holds water, its occurrence offsetted the negative effect that disease of root nodule bud produced to south Africa 1885.

Taste bender to be in Mihail of serve spirits division? Undertake below the guiding of Markovski, guest of his all along people revealed come from " Babylonian peak " the product of brewery, sterhuis bishop and Pulpit? Rock bishop. "Babylonian peak " brewery is located at foot of a hill of handkerchief A De Baige to fall; The name of Sterhuis but date from comes 17 centuries, brewery is located in Stellenbosch to produce a division; Pulpit? Rock brewery is located in below Kasteelberg hill.

What sample above all is " Babylonian peak " of brewery 2007 portion Bai Shina, light olive wine fluid forms the bubble with delicate circuit inside the cup, be permeated with the aroma of dried fruit, peach, apricot and honey, medium wine body, mouthfeel is fruity, flavour is pure and fresh, aftertaste continous is long. Markovski suggests the optimal and drinkable temperature of this wine is 12 degrees, can serve as aperitif already, can match again more earnest food.

The 2nd wine is Sterhuis brewery the portion grew lovesickness 2007. Wine fluid is shown weak aureate, contain citric, honey peach, fig, peppery and tomato aroma, first drink mouthfeel is fresh and relaxed, the entrance has the taste of ore, contain warm feeling finally. Its slightly acidity suits to match with salad.

This defective goods should be belonged to with respect to the optimal bishop of the meeting " Babylonian peak " 2007 portion dimension Ou Ni (Viognier) , aureate wine fluid smells the sweet smell that having candied, currant, Hami melon, end charm contains the flavor of dry flower. Wine precision end 15 degrees, wine put oneself in another's position is plump, weak embellish. ? Is red wine delegate Pulpit? Of Rock portion collect carefully tasted Nuodaji 2006 (Pinotage) , be full of the flavour of strawberry sauce, cinnamonic, flavor and oak, mouthfeel softness, end charm is abiding and long, recommend distribute food with the pork that bake or beefsteak.

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