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American Russia straps ridge city to capture Jie of blame grape pink
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Ridge city is forced in American Russia last month captured in a grapery a scale insect, through Russia the city that strap ridge establishs the appraisal of university scientists, this scale insect is not the sort of pink Jie on the grape (graphic representation) -- a kind harmful to the grape, and have the pest with diffusible height. Although have not use DNA technology to define the accurate sort of bug of this interpose lithosphere up to now, but extremely possible it is a not important pink Jie only.

Does according to Russia the city that strap ridge establish the horticultural entomologist Vaughn of the university? Walton says, but the grape cropper that this does not mean Russia to force ridge city is OK because of this have nothing worry about, because of other phyletic powdery Jie also may transmit a grape to coil foliaceous disease (LR) , roll it is mature that foliaceous disease can restrain grapy, affect grapy crop.

Vaughn? Walton says, although whether is the powdery Jie of other sort also met,have like grape pink Jie tall diffusible still not be clear about up to now, but it is not important that this does not mean these sort, perhaps say they cannot transmit virus quite, although do not have stain VMB,I had heard of other grapery, but still put in the story that has a foliaceous virus. Still put in the scale insect that has other sort at present, their lifestyle special concealment. Only very few cropper discovers they become a real problem till them.

Walton explanation says, all sorts of pink Jie and other scale insect are take in underground feed, when the place that becomes these extraction to feed only becomes crowded and the ability when they must climb the ground to go up can discover them. I had strapped the other area of ridge to collect a few sample from southern Russia, this area has not confirm the case that grape pink Jie happens. We suspect they also are the transmission copula of a foliaceous virus.

Walton warning says, although strap the consideration with ridge state cool climate as a result of Russia, the grape coils the occurence rate of foliaceous disease and interpose Jie bug is inferior, but our dominant thought admonishs namely cropper people should realizing bug of any clam of a kind of interpose are possible is copula of a kind of transmission.

Walton says, be in especially compress seasonal, must handle many grape fruit when bishop factory (skin) when broken bits, raise vigilance and tread lightly is the basiccest, we think grape pink Jie is carry human activity and reach another place from transmission of a place, it is us reaching their area everywhere, to this we are responsible. Walton factitious fruit (skin) the main way that broken bits processing is transmission scale insect.

Come from the harm of these potential pests in order to avoid to assure the safety of grapery, the grape fruit that Walton asks bishop factory wants to treat them carefully (skin) broken bits, if you want to be in their dump the word in grapery, two kinds of means can reduce a risk, the first it is to be able to use plastic film to enclothe these fruit (skin) broken bits, in order to raise the temperature of these flotsam; The 2nd it is OK these fruit (skin) broken bits compost, also can raise temperature so in order to kill the great majority in these pests. Come up from essence tell, the grape flotsam that can be opposite these at agricultural recycle using through raising temperature undertakes be alexipharmiced adequately, thoroughly cook these pests at the same time.
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