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Happy event of Malta brew grape reaps a bumper harvest
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Malta brew grape is collected receive already satisfactory end, 2008 is a high yield not only year, grape quality is admirable also.

The Jeremy Kasa of Marsovin company says, company grape compresses this year the quantity breaks historical record, amount to 1.3 million kilograms, relatively increased 79 % 2007, include 10 kinds of white grapes, 14 kinds of red grapes. The grape of 96 % will be used at brewing to make DOK and IGT wine.

Card Sa is very hopeful to company development foreground, besides existing 1, 096? Tumoli (area unit) grapery, increase 300tumoli again even, grow the grape the area to add to 2010 to 1, 600tumoli.

Viticultural expert overcomes Li this lowing · Clay rub offer says, malta climate condition is appropriate this year, local grape obtains big bumper harvest, but other country, be like climate of Italy, France, United States not beautiful, grape quality, crop all suffers an effect. Grape of Boerduo, California sprouts period suffers frost to make a surprise attack, california rainfall is insufficient, rainwater of Boerduo, Italy is overmuch, cause grape happening disease.

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