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Bewilderment of high-end liquor sale and countermeasure
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Why can high-end liquor rise in price continuously? Be to taste what list price is worth to reveal?

Only literate, brand just is the key of get the upper hand of of sale of high-end liquor company. Doing not have literate brand is dead brand.

Wine, in the historical endless flow of human culture, already was a kind of objective material existence not just, however a kind of culture is indicative, namely of Bacchanal spirit indicative.

Wine, be culture is indicative, inheritance of the Chinese nation the traditional culture marrow 5000, be place of 5 grain fluid reflect " harmonious " character. Come out be in harmony of 5 kinds of commissariat for brew of an organic whole " aroma is long, flavour is full-bodied, the entrance is honey, enter larynx clean bright, zhu Weixie is moved, proper, blame with wine flavour comprehensive and celebrated " characteristic, just reflected its high grade and harmonious quality.

And go up in liquor culture sale, it may be said of 5 grain fluid explains culture incisively and vividly. Blend in 5 grain culture liquor brand, to 5 grain fluid, it is a special skill that compose of high-end liquor brand establishs, also be unique brand culture deduces surveyor's pole.

"Wine of 5 grain fluid " the crackajack delegate that is aroma liquor, with broomcorn, rice, polished glutinous rice, wheat and corn 5 kinds of commissariat are raw material, with " wrap Bao Qu " for motivation, classics is age old cellar ferments, agelong old wine, tick off add meticulously and become. With " aroma long, flavour full-bodied, entrance is honey, enter larynx clean bright, Zhu Weixie flavour of tone, proper, wine is comprehensive " distinctive color is famed at the world, with particular natural zoology environment, bright generation of 638 years craft of recipe of 5 kinds of ancient cellar, commissariat, brew, middle character, " city of 10 lis of wine " wait for 6 large dominant positions, make current wine kind the outstanding curiosa in the product.

The sale error of high-end liquor

Appeal to beg deviate from true

Regard high end as the liquor of the brand, had done not have (article origin: Network of news of trade of wine of China of · of newspaper of wine of an ancient name for China) function of aleatoric and exaggerated product appeals to beg those who will promote a brand image is necessary, and should maintain its exalted example image. But brand of liquor of a few high end is in sale process, be immersed in apparently cannot the bewilderment that extricate oneself mars oneself brand image even. Of Maotai diabetic " appeal to seek the door " , it is the case of a failure.

"According to modern medicine principle, the diabetic cannot drink alcohol. By 1993, tianjin quality makes sure Mr Chen of the company, leaf gentleman confirmed Maotai is an exception. These two gentlemen already many years old 60, and those who have 4 plus sign is diabetic, before coming to Maotai factory, the madam calls the Guizhou classics trade that is in charge of recieving designedly appoint comrade, the requirement does not let them drink. After arriving at Maotai, via living alluring, two gentlemen still touched Maotai. Begin to try carefully to drink, did not have later again scruple. When the Spring Festival, they cherished the mood of in fear and trembling to return Tianjin, check into the hospital, the issue that makes a person mysterious happened: Diabetic not only without accentuation, reduced instead, 4 plus became two plus sign... "
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