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American Russia straps the father of ridge bishop to die
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Last week, the father that American Russia coerces ridge city bishop David Laite (David? Lett) die in the home, die at the age of is 69 years old.

1965, lai introduces the black grape that compare Nuo Russia to strap ridge Willamette valley to cultivate first especially, be by local address sb respectfully accordingly " Papa? Pinot " .

44 years ago, lai spy divides school graduate from California university Davis, resident Russia straps ridge. During the university, the professor ever pointed out, russia straps the cool climate of ridge to breed brew grape successfully impossibly forever. However, lai broke this one theory especially, before heading branch of grape of 3000 individual plant, past Russia straps ridge, breed high grade brew grape successfully. 1975, lai brews the black wine comparing Nuo that make to be in international contest especially, those who sufferred a defeat to come from area of real estate of French suddenly straightforward is black than Nuo.

Lai is special child outstanding dark the brew that already took over Eyrie wine garden now and government work.

Russia straps ridge to be the 2nd big grape of American to produce a division (be next to California) , the report that issued March according to American Ministry of Agriculture says, russia strapped ridge brewery last year in all work off bishop of 1.7 million box, sale amounts to 207.8 million dollar.

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