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Much wine of high-grade wave Er namely water market crisis is heavy
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Below the big condition that glides in economy of current whole world, high-grade wine sells the market to also begin to be browbeaten. Personnel of a few comments says, wave Er much bishop invests sexual product as a kind, will suffer the most severe blow.

Wine investment reduces Boerduo

The Maikesi of company of British BBR bishop (Max? Lollondrolle) express: "The person that increases wine investment now is not much, the bishop sales volume of place of business of wine of much class of Er of wave of a few months glided in the past 25 % , trade to still be in nevertheless continue, include a few large sheet to trade. Include a few large sheet to trade..

Come from bourse of London international brew (Liv-Ex) data shows, on August 31 - during September 30, red wine trades the index drops 3.7 % . Be not value of all wine of a particular year to drop accordingly of course. · Hei Baide says Jackie of director of brew exchange investigation: "Wine of welcome a particular year, be like 1995, the bishop value of the portion did not suffer an effect 2000. But portion wine value dropped 2005 10 % - 20 % , especially the product that value violent wind went up last year, devalue this year the fastest. On the whole, had not produced panicky undersell phenomenon. Had not produced panicky undersell phenomenon..

Namely water market is high-grade wine sales volume glides

Occupy in-house personage additionally to divulge, because the high-grade wine sales volume of cafeteria, bar glides considerably, namely loss of business of water market wine is the biggest. England Duoqiesite city (Dorchester) Alain? Yves of division of spirits of Ducasse restaurant serve? Le? Pin says: "In the past 6 months, restaurant is bottled average consumption level reduced alcoholic drink 40 % - 50 % , a lot of people aux would rather the 3 class wine that chooses place of business of one class wine, if pull the Boyake of graph village village (Pauillac) . Even if is 2 class wine, consumer still feels the price is too expensive. Consumer still feels the price is too expensive..

Nevertheless, the high-grade wine sale of some areas is first-rate, be like beautiful get Er (Lidl) sales volume of before the supermarket 6 months increases 25 % . The selling manager says: "Because liquor tax is higher and higher, add slump, a lot of consumer begin to buy wine to the supermarket, come home enjoyed. Come home enjoyed..

Does England seek advice from company Intangible? Business is in charge of Situerte Er says · Hui Tewei: "Wave Er much wine is the best brand on the world, although the price drops, its taste card value to still won't disappear. Its taste card value to still won't disappear..

The Howard of new York? G? Goldberg complement says: "American market since experience since economic crisis, bishop commerce drops gradually. " the new York Bernard that owns 18 chain restaurant? George of · of favour of auspicious of director of water of Sun group wine says: "We discover high-grade wine sales volume is less and less, people becomes special draw lessons from, buy 100 yuan of a bottle products before, drink 779 yuan of a bottle wine only now. Drink 779 yuan of a bottle wine only now..
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