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American division collect hauls increase production of much city bishop 11.44 %
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The United States western bureau of city bishop development weighs Keluoladuo, 08 season grapes of local receive two weeks late, but bishop yield rises than last year 11.44 % .

The viticultural Huosite Kasiparui learning the home that division collect pulls much city to establish an university to study a station says: "Berry is already complete and squashy now, business of before two weeks of wine people be in all the time make the best of time grape of rush in the harvest. " last weekend, xia Duoli and beautiful happy grape had been collected close end, this week will harvest Weiouni (Viognier) with the first batch of Sang Jiao dimension surpasses a grape. Banquet is pulled (Syrah) approximately mature already, chi Xiazhu wait for a week again even.

Weekday, the Pat Bulina of Mesa orchard is being collected with what the worker busies receive partial banquet to pull grape and apple.

Now this phase, grow business and brew division must pol of close observation grapy and acidity. Mature slowly as the grape, pol rises gradually, acidity drops, if brew division wants to make the beautiful wine that gives individual style, hold grapy acid sweet spending is crucial. Especially white wine, pol is taller, vinous fruit flavour is more full-bodied, flavour is heavier; Conversely, taste is more ringing.

E.g. , the thunder commander pol that the thunder commander that big gorge produces overcomes cereal than boreal blessing is tall, fruit flavour is more accordingly rich. Brew division always mixes the grape of these two areas brew, the beautiful wine that balances in order to brew exit flavour, acidity.

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