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South Africa bishop enters Bulgaria market
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Is another red wine " Babylonian peak " ? 2005 portion? Cape mixes bishop, the auspicious of the tower that taste Nuo that uses 35 % (south Africa is peculiar brew grape breed, it is a god all alone and black the cross breed that compares Nuo) , the Chi Xiazhu of 35 % and the beauty of 30 % are happy mix brew and become. Scarlet and brown wine is sending out the flavour of butter, gules fruit, confiture, honey and herb, taste is pure and fresh, mouthfeel is rich. Markovski thinks, distribute food with black chocolate, beefsteak or cheese optimal.

Note: Vinopoli company specializes in new world to import wine, in Bulgaria Uno? BBQ tastes the wine that shows on bender, there all is a sale in Sofia Vinopoli brand shop.

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