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Baolelijia will appear on magnate of French wine line of business plenary meetin
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A few days ago, reporter from enter time the organizing committee of plenary meeting of line of business of 2008 worlds wine of preparatory phase learns, magnate of French wine line of business protects Le Li to add group general with assist do unit capacity to appear on this second congress, for this one first the distinguished gathering of wine line of business of world-class adds extraordinary splendour again.

By Pernod and Ricard from 1975 two companies are incorporated since holding water, the group passes the Baolelijia that headquarters sets in Paris fast and organic growth and buy, maintained long-term and steady progress. Current, in the brand of before 100 firewater with global the biggest sale, baolelijia has 19. And 2008 year are right V&S (absolutely vodka parent company) buy, more make Baolelijia becomes one of two big tycoons that keep abreast of inside global bishop and firewater industry very quickly.

It is early actually more than 20 years ago, a few main brands are like Zhi China person, equestrian dad benefit, royal gun salute already entered Chinese market, in last few years, ? Baolelijia passes the success of much to combination beauty and V&S to buy, the leadership position that consolidated Baolelijia is in China further.

Be worth those who cause us to notice is, longing makes the whole world the Baolelijia of the first brand the group is marching when China has the market of latent capacity and foreground this extremely, full time is made in social responsibility respect, it is sail with responsibility, expedite travel silvers coin at China the sea of wine. If protected Le Li to add China in April 2005 hand in hand association of safety of Chinese road transportation, take the lead in initiating countrywide limits inside course of study inside " drive to wine hind say ' not ' " commonweal activity; Through supporting Shanghai international art section, hand in hand central music institute and is central academy of fine arts established respectively " happy fund of Zhi Hua Shiai " and? "Fund of art of equestrian dad benefit " ; Those who donate disaster area of 1 million support rebuild the job is waited a moment.

Give priority to card games in order to produce pattern of framework of quality quantity, brand, management and social sense of responsibility, group it may be said provides Baolelijia extremely continue to get run the qualification of market of Chinese foreign wine, expect the group can be Baolelijia plenary meeting of line of business of 2008 worlds wine bring more surprises. of online sale website enters Mixiegen city
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