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The technology that Sulu pleaseds Anhui liquor peak can come 4 years studies the
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Pick? ? Should: The article relatively the technical research work that discussed Sulu to pleased Anhui liquor peak can come 4 years systematically and effect. Style of soft quietly elegant of continous of the aroma of 4 provinces liquor is formed basically already, low degree, fall the quality that spends wine maintains level of wine of national name actor, high wine has the provincialism of area, quality is fine. The year after year of team of brew of sesame seed sweet liquor that ranks advantage place in the whole nation expands, product style is typical, quality standard has again new rise. Industry of 4 provinces liquor forms 4 development window: 1, style of soft quietly elegant of aroma liquor continous is decided really, product advantage is formed basically; 2, the manufacturing technology of sesame seed sweet liquor matures basically, product quality rises apparently; 3, unitive cooperation, harmonious win-win, science develops; 4, product structure gets optimizing, industry health develops in order.

Keyword: Liquor peak is met; The technology considers to work; Develop window

Annual Sulu pleaseds Anhui liquor peak already can hold 5. First visited foreign river town in Jiangsu 2004, undertake by foreign river brewery; The 2nd visits Tai'an town at was in Shandong 2005, by the father-in-law group of raw power source undertakes; The 3rd saved cervine city county in Henan 2006, by Song He brewery undertakes; The 4th is in city of state of Bo of the Anhui province 2007, by Gu Jing tribute brewery undertakes; The 5th visits ripples water county and old change town in Jiangsu at parting 2008, undertake by this age predestined relationship and foreign river brewery. 5 liquor peak realized a metempsychosis successfully.

To inspect 4 years to come the innovation of style of soft quietly elegant of continous of 4 provinces aroma liquor develops achievement and sesame seed sweet, thick sauce is compound the product quality of sweet liquor, peak of the 5th liquor is met first in September 2008 18, 19 days held 2 days in ripples water county, by expert of countrywide famous liquor Shen Yi just is chaired. Association of commissioners of 65 national level liquor, 4 provinces is led and representing of 3 expert, media waits in all 84 people attended the meeting. Get sample alcoholic drink in all 37, among them aroma 28, hold concurrently sweet model 3, faint scent 1, sesame seed is sweet model wine 5; Spend by wine differentiate, low spend wine 6, fall degree of wine 11, high wine 15, 5 sesame seed are sweet model wine falls to be mixed highly degree of wine. These sample wine are the superior goods that saves according to each is chosen send, in principle of Jiangsu, Henan, the Anhui province is chosen send aroma, hold <> concurrently sweet model high wine and fall degree of wine, shandong province is chosen send aroma low wine and degree of sesame seed are sweet model wine. This comment on is divided press low degree, fall degree, height, sesame seed is sweet respectively password comment on, write comment, outside product name is being published after commenting on, low to aroma still degree, fall degree, high wine parts to contrast with wine of name of home of province foreign country comment on, examine the style of 4 provinces liquor, search quality difference.
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