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The food alcoholic drink that never rings down the curtain is wonderful state
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Eat and wine are inseparable. Different eat distributes different alcoholic drink, will bring you different wonderful experience. Cate of be beside oneself, be infatuated with beautiful wine, the joy that believes to never ring down the curtain...

Aperitif? Aperitif

Aperitif or the champagne that bleb rises ceaselessly, or the red white wine with pure and fresh and delightful mouthfeel... anyhow, as long as relaxed, appetizing good.

Does snow of familial collect carefully become Shengkaluo benefit? Santa? Carolina-Reserva? De? Familia? Chardonnay

Vs? Fume 3 article fish to carry its caviar embark upon a political venture? Smoked? Salmon? With? Egg? Caviar

Country: Chile

Shengkaluo is familial collect carefully snow has the intertropical fruity sweet smell such as rich coco and banana when benefit, good acidity and elaborate structure pledge the flesh with 3 language tender fish and shellfish as food and the fragrance of caviar, lemon and lettuce is drawn the outline of more outstandingly, eat go up exceeding tastily, have the grace till one kind is nodded.

The wine after eat? Dessert? Wine

The wine after eat accompanies sweetmeats to eat together after eat. Alcohol degree and pol are taller than aperitif and wine of be eaten together with rice or bread many. After all, the taste that the habit of Western-style food is dish is heavier and heavier, with desert, egg whip, fruit ends finally.

Is the noble that pull phenanthrene sweet? Chateau? Rie? Ussec? Vs? Cake of chocolate admire department? Chocolate? Mousse? Cake

Country: France

The noble that pull phenanthrene is sweet the department is belonged to pull phenanthrene familial, it is one of the famousest expensive corrupt bishop on the world. The noble that pull phenanthrene is sweet contain full-bodied fresh orange aroma, mouthfeel is fresh, pol moderate, deserve to go up sweet the cake of chocolate admire department of embellish, silk is slippery experience, buccal mouth stays sweet.

Wine of be eaten together with rice or bread? Table? Wine

Wine of be eaten together with rice or bread, it is red white wine and champagne only normally, accompany prandial drink. Because vinous mouthfeel is quite rich, tie-in food sort is quite so extensive. Tell from healthy angle, the acid in bishop and acerbity can pass in purify mouth much adipose, make mouthfeel more relaxed and clean, appetizing be good at lienal.

Collect carefully of Le Mengdi millennium? La? Motte-Millenniu

Vs? Butter 焗 snail? Gratin? Traditional? Burgundy? Escargots? With? Melted? Garlic? Herb? Butter

Country: South Africa

Collect carefully of Le Mengdi millennium is south Africa Le Mengdi's manorial top class product, contain the scent of full-bodied cherry, tobacco and clove, mouthfeel is rich, odd Ning Roushun, as quality as French snail is rich and stretch and delicious flesh each shining more brilliantly in the other's company, cheng Hui of set each other off.

Does green jade still pull dragon Pu to depend on happy? Pauillac? De? Ch. ? Pichon? Lalande
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