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Bethel of travel of 10 old newest and popular wine gives heat
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The TripAdvisor of travel agent company with the greatest whole world released bethel of travel of 10 old popular wine. Obtain choose an area to have the most delicate wine on the world not only, still offer the most crackajack guesthouse, dining-room and bishop travel for the tourist.

1. ? French wave Er is much

Boerduo is the most distinguished bishop sacred place on the world, the bishop with the the costliest, most delicate whole world produces here.

2. ? Cereal of handkerchief of American California accept

The Xia Duoli of accept handkerchief cereal and Chi Xiazhu are the richest great reputation. This area has brewery of many 400 grape, for quite a long time all the time with super beauty wine and moving scenery famed world.   

3. ? Italy holds Sikana in the palm

The Jiandi that holds Sikana in the palm to produce a division and Bulunai Luo Gong wine unmanned not dawn, local cate, natural scene, many history is vestigial and absolutely be worth to look.

4. ? French champagne - A Dengda area

After tourist comes to here, ? The first thing that remember comes namely a cup of bubbly. Champagne province still has distinctive natural scene and rich historical resource.

5. ? Australia Ba Luosha cereal

Ba Luosha cereal is located in beauty south bay area, the banquet that place produces is pulled (Shiraz) reach other red grape variety is wide get recognition.

6. Spain Liaoha

Red wine extraordinary of Liaoha, taste with age oak flavour and herb famed.

7. Cereal of American California Suo Nuo Ma

Cereal of Suo Nuo Ma basically produces white wine, place has the small town with a lot of attractive pictures.

8. In the center of Chile valley

Beautiful treasure area (Maipo? Valley) it is the area with Chile brew the most ancient history, bishop is confused people like over there producing Chi Xiazhu. Is the brand of first selection bishop of this large area Concha? Y? Toro. ? Travel to here, scarcely should miss cereal of the division in the library (Curic ó ) Xia Duoli. Cereal of the division in the library is located in in the center of area of cereal south Maule.

9. ? South Africa Stellenbosch? Stellenbosch

The bishop that is south Africa the first of all is regnal, a lot of imposing manner the top class bishop with grandiose, delightful scenery is manorial be located hereat, can attract those who come from world each district every year large quantities of tourists and love wine personage.

Current, this area has many 100 wine cellar.

10. Fort of Er of New Zealand horse

Local cate is enjoyed in New Zealand, sample bishop and travel of wine place of business are the recreational activities with the most important holiday, tourists can enjoy delicate and fresh local speciality, seafood, organic meeting experiences wine of all sorts of gust a particular year that do not export external, include fragrance the expensive corrupt of 4 excessive is rummy.

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