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Bottle of 293 outfit liquor or will become market a dark horse
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It is reported, vane of line of business of wine of winter candy bender changes direction somewhat this year, low price packet installs liquor market to be valued, wine estate firm is to aim at business chance to roll out low price packet to hold liquor in succession more, among them of 293 good wine high-key the attention that appeared on the market to cause the personage inside course of study more. The common 125ml Xiaobao on it and market installs liquor extraordinary, the capacity is 293, it may be said tries to be unique. The product packed a doggerel that go up to attract a lot of customer, "Wine is strong heroic bravery, drink please 293; Without 293, which dare upper beam hill. " ? Have not open drink to let break out of person heroic spirit. As we have learned, the heroic culture concept with distinct the design that pack, bold and generous size, make 293 good wine firm the eyeball that came out to attract broad customer.

Common saying says dilettante watch the scene of bustle, adept guard the entrance, 293 good wine are tall

After tone appears on the market, how will be next markets operated, this ability is the thing that a lot of agency pay close attention to more. To this, changsha Lin Shixing of limited company general manager represents industry of 293 good wine clearly will " take low cost fast and outspread mode, main attack 2, 3 lines market. Main attack 2, 3 lines market..

Lin Shixing is in wine line of business the industry is hit spell old job inside senior expert, original to understanding of situation of market of domestic white spirit. He thinks, at present of China in competition of structure of high-end liquor market is intense, the space of market of liquor of outfit of low price packet of cheap of price of qualitative nevertheless actor is very large still, be in especially 2, 3 lines market still is well worth doing. Current, 2, area of 3 lines market is living to occupy Chinese total population the consumptive group of 80% above -- cross the villages and towns of 100 million to be not agriculture population and 900 million much rural population, market potential is tremendous. In the meantime, as the development of rural economics, the pocket of the farmer was roused slowly, be in a country so the 1-2 with popular market yuan the requirement that a jin inferior liquor already cannot satisfy everybody gradually, accordingly, the market calls a kind " high grade, popular, cheap and fine " liquor product goes fill market is blank.

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