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The native land wisdom of place of business of wine of Xinjiang silk road -- con
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Rely on the culture with advantage yield a division and deep the Silk Road, place of business of filar road wine leads Urumqi super terminal consumption.

In Xinjiang bishop bound, the fame of place of business of filar road wine is not minor. Almost all high end consume a place, set threshold entering the arena in the standard with place of business of filar road wine, a lot of high end crowds also in order to consume the alcoholic drink of place of business of filar road wine and taste to have. Business of the trade side Mr Zhang becomes customer very greatly, love alcoholic drink, know wine, love place of business of filar road wine alone however " gunny-bag wine " , at the same time this wine also is he gets ready of each access make complacently. This is a very interesting phenomenon, aroused the reporter's curiosity.

Classics is various contact, the author that the reporter saw place of business of filar road wine eventually -- Li Yong.

Little wine place of business, big eye shot

Reporter: I was heard in Urumqi many about " gunny-bag wine " view, discover " gunny-bag wine " not be an outer packing so simple, what thing does it still have to be worth high-end consumer to pay close attention to so?

Li Yong: Culture, culture of the Silk Road, culture of the Western Regions. Foreign trade is done to export the business before me, in the character of of all ages, I very admire Zhang Qian. Can say, he is the originator that we do foreign trade business. The Silk Road of his get through, benefit the Chinese nation. He travels to vinous of the Western Regions, accomplished Chinese vinous flourishs today. ? Place of business of filar road wine is located in Yi to plow river valley, also be the destination of the Western Regions of piece of Qian be sent on a diplomatic mission. At that time, yi Li river valley has two " travel country " : One is the driftage after be being defeated by Hun hereat family name of a solar month of 31 days, one is black grandson. Here and the Western Regions are other 30 many countries are same, having a grape to crop the history with bishop brew, civilian brew stopper comes this it is be current more, still have up to now. After Zhang Qian, bishop of the Western Regions circulates as the Silk Road in earth, formed our country Chinese for a time, the Tang Dynasty, yuan the bishop that waits for period flourishs.

The culture sequence of thought of place of business of filar road wine gives priority to the sequence of thought that the Chinese bishop of the line develops with Zhang Qian namely, solid culture inside information gifted this brand affinity, impel force and individual character, become the main factor of high-end consumer preference.

Reporter: Vinous is highest the state is individual character. It is OK really to be packed with gunny-bag its extraordinary is highlighted in numerous product.

Li Yong: On expression, gunny-bag wine actually very simple, but its composite unit element is former zoology of the Western Regions, of of primitive simplicity, sterling custom public feelings. This also is high end nature of consumptive crowd regression, advocate true my underlying demand. So, they like. ? Additional, the product concept of place of business of filar road wine is " go out only best " . Annual we can single out the grape with the best expression in best grapery, make best wine, crop also has many tons 100 only. Content with rare for expensive, expensive be in rare, expensive be in exalted, this also is market rule.
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