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Inland of concussion of commodities from abnormal channel is high-grade red wine
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Hong Kong is by this year Feburary announce to abolish red wine tax, after 5 months, macao also cancels accordingly. Reporter from Guangzhou department of trade of many red wine understood recently, after duty of Hong Kong red wine cancels, all sorts of means enter a country " commodities from abnormal channel " caused bigger impact to high-grade red wine of inland. The expert thinks this kind of phenomenon and current trade supervision system are endless and sound about.

Commodities from abnormal channel is flush pound high-grade red wine

Hong Kong and Macao abolish red wine tax, undoubted benefit good place imports the development of vintner, but custom duty is importer however people cannot the element of subjective decision, how to reduce entrance cost, became the key that outback importer wins victory in competition.

According to introducing, all sorts of tax rate amount are as high as inland 40 % left and right sides, harbor of another name for Guangdong Province the custom duty difference of two ground, make intermediate price difference very considerable, many people use all sorts of means to carry red wine to enter a country, the common inside this kind of travel says " commodities from abnormal channel " caused certain impact to the market of high-grade red wine of Guangzhou.

One does not wish the red wine agency of sign one's name introduces to the reporter, "Commodities from abnormal channel " origin basically has a few kinds, it is to use the opportunity that shops to Hong Kong amuse oneself to be bought incidentally; 2 it is a lot of illicit home cars that run Hong Kong and Guangdong license plate use license plate advantage to carry; 3 it is to employ a person connecting involve place come to sb's aid, the common inside travel says " water guest " .

According to the regulation, be in " sound for private use " in limits, connect Guan Shiyun to make the red wine that carries two to need not declare dutiable goods. But those who drive illicit home car it is region of one case case normally, encounter an examination to just pay tax, the probability that is checked is not high.

"You think, the red wine price difference that a value controls 10 thousand yuan is in 2000-3000 yuan, very alluring of course! " this personage analysis, this also is to cause Guangzhou market " red wine of commodities from abnormal channel " one of flush reasons.

The market department chief of line of business of rich grand wine expresses, commodities from abnormal channel has certain impact to Guangzhou high-grade red wine, the sale of rich grand close half an year also is reflected apparently came out, but inconvenience leaks specific data.

Is trade supervision system endless and sound?

"This kind of phenomenon exists for a long time, concern with trade supervision system. " Guangdong saves wine assist Li Tang of current branch chairman discloses, as a result of red wine save a requirement the demand is higher, carry, store quality of red wine of undeserved metropolis influence, this also causes a lot of businessmen to be opposite high-grade red wine not dare a large number of stock up, it is to make an appointment commonly stock up, hong Kong is commerce distribution centre, business of a lot of wine is direct take money from Hong Kong.
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