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Hundred years brand " dismiss 100 offer " contention battle
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"Dismiss 100 offer " brand case, remove disturbance again.

The near future, as the country brand of total bureau of industrial and commercial administration evaluates the final ruling of committee, made a noise bubbling with noisely 2002 " dismiss 100 offer " bishop registered trade mark, in the hand that returns company of Yantai Zhang Yu bishop eventually. And this action also is meant, besides Zhangyu, at present production, label sells solution vinous produces 100 accept enterprise, will must not stop ceaselessly use this one exclusive registered trade mark, otherwise, with respect to meeting compose didymous Zhang Yu dismisses 100 offer the enroach on of intellectual property.

One stone arouses 1000 billow.

The bishop such as domestic Great Wall, dynasty, power dragon produces an enterprise to combine the operation in succession, the first intermediate people of northerly capital city forensic to lodge a complaint, paralell connection adds up to dimensions of 12 keys of domestic bishop to produce a business, hold water attack and defence allied, develop the legitimate rights and interests with consumer to avoid to injure wine industry badly, the requirement checks this is planted " barefaced plunder industry is communal the hegemonic act of resource " .

Disaster rises 1931

If speak of the company with the longest history of Chinese wine line of business, it is not to need to add at the back go up " one of " such term. Found the company of Yantai Zhang Yu bishop 1892, down to today time span of 136 years, be without ground of be concerned about to become the first bishop of Chinese to produce a business. Its birth, than 1900 works of beer of Harbin of company of the first beer of Chinese is returned early 8 years.

This paragraph of history, because of company of Zhang Yu bishop still exist, and well known. By the homecoming overseas Chinese at that time gentleman of Zhang Bi person expends silver 3 million two founding this brew enterprises, cost time of ten years to build wine cellar, improved mouthfeel, become the outstanding delegate of Chinese nation industry. 1914, bishop of card of Zhang Yushuang kylin is formal put on sale, on the world exposition of Panama Pacific Ocean 1915, the bishop such as orchid ground mixes Zhang Yu's Ke Yabai the Chinese Maotai of famed far and near together, won gold prize title.

To bishop, it is only below the climate condition such as first-rate soil, sunshine and rainwater, choose first-rate grape breed, ability brew gives high-grade beauty wine. Zhang Yu company experiments through old engraft and breed improved, the grape breed that suits Yantai place climate at breeding a kind successfully 1931 -- anguine Long Zhu. The grape with this kind of good quality, the name such as the Chi Xiazhu that introduces from abroad at the same time with Zhang Yu, Pin Lizhu tastes a grape one case, make the variety of grape brew raw material of piece of abundant brunt.

And bubbling with noise today " dismiss 100 offer " contend for, buried 1931 namely played parent.
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