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Di Yaji Europe buys the whole world most a large amount of whisky Tibet taste co
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Group of Di Yaji Europe already from Brazilian whisky collector in the hand, buy the whisky with next the greatest whole worlds to combine curiosa. This batch of curiosa already carried now to Scotland, will experience a house in Scotland whisky next year (Scotch? Whisky? Experience) showpiece.

According to the newspaper, this group of Tibet are tasted in all 3384 bottles, does Brazilian whisky collect blessing of association chairman carat? What Weidici expended 35 years is long just collect complete. Group of Di Yaji Europe did not disclose specific buy amount. This batch of wine are storing now the place that manages special safety in Scotland.

Weidici says: "This batch of whisky can safety returns Scotland is too good really. " is Tibet tasted from Brazilian Sao? Paulo ascends a boat, pass through 6, 500 miles of canalage just arrive at Scotland, to make sure goods safety is arrived at, before setting out, undertook a few months prepares, every bottles of whisky passes artistic expert meticulous pack.

From 2009 spring begin, head for the tourist that Scotland whisky experiences to the house looks around, will organic meeting appreciates this to approve the elegant demeanour that collect carefully tastes.

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