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Heroes gets together on candy bender
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This year, on trade fair of spirits of sugar of the 78th whole nation, each businessman is obtain exceedingly good result in succession exert all over skill, eight saints go across the sea, each shows special prowess, clinch a deal finally amount is seventeen billion and fifty-eight million yuan, it may be said achieved the history new tall, make this grand meeting obtains consummation. Among them, with one action of company of daughter red liquor signs sheet 85, contract total amount 120 million yuan, what become this candy cocktail party undoubtedly is the biggest win one of homes. Daughter red liquor is behaved at the arrogant person on the market again, can't help letting personage of inside and outside of course of study do it sidelong glance, consider. At this point, the reporter covered front yard of Zhang Dong of chief inspector of sale of company of daughter red liquor, opened daughter red liquor to creat ceaselessly from this the mystery that sells myth.

Connotation of deep brand culture? ? Lay market foundation

Well-known, daughter red wine is a celebrated brand that has long culture intention, far can period of the Warring States of restrospect to age, close the every family of a name full Changjiang Delta. The daughter's red story everybody familiar to the ear can detailed, very little China " save help a daughter red " with Mei Yanfang " the daughter is red " pass sing great river north and south, in those days be the rage, up to now quite afford for thought. Visible, itself of daughter red brand has powerful appeal and cohesive affinity.

As social standard of living rise ceaselessly, consumptive popular consumes an idea to also promote subsequently ceaselessly, it is simple corporeal level is enjoyed no longer, the spirit that goes after higher administrative levels however is enjoyed and culture culture. Wine water manufacturer is opposite before less, what people drinks is character; Now wine water company contends for Xiang Douyan, below the premise that assures in quality, what people drinks is " feeling " . This kind of feeling comes from the culture connotation at the brand, daughter red brand is sending out long and old culture breath, a lot of new brands can not rival this kind of advantaged advantage.

Lead wine culture fashionable tide? Wave popular market

Move back and forth at international vogue arena when the cheongsam, when Zhou Jielun " east wind is broken " , " besides a thousand li " , " blue and white porcelain " wait for musical circle of song fashionable Asia... vogue and traditional collision place reflection give charm, always be the dump that makes countless people be. The daughter is red, brew in what experienced chiliad later, was blended in new connotation. Series of daughter red liquor is elaborate design of classics Xu Liao's original master, deduce traditional beauty with new aesthetic concept, have culture distinguishing feature extremely, gift chiliad culture insides information with current and popular fashionable element, it is the great wisdom of commercial new era.
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