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In Sino-US country (Shenzhen) border wine kind product commerce negotiates the w
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- Shenzhen city Hua Jia beauty loves Wang Dongying of president of limited company of rich spy trade

Each each leader of respect, honored guest, ladies, gentlemen, friends:

We are Sino-US today wine the friend happilies gather under the same roof here, wine of border of the United States in be being discussed jointly kind the trade problem of the product, I represent Shenzhen city Hua Jia beauty to love limited company of rich spy trade to express warm reception to coming from the American friend of ocean the other shore only! The wine that waits for country and area to coming from South Korea, Hong Kong kind delegate of chamber of commerce expresses to welcome ardently, express to welcome ardently to coming from expert of wine line of business and entrepreneur! Wine of association of exhibition of the Shenzhen municipal government that views care and support to giving Bencihui, Shenzhen, Shenzhen kind association, China bay leaders of all levels and the friend such as limited company of international conference exhibition express cordial acknowledgment!

Wine regards economy as the inevitable result of development, it is the specific expression means of world nation culture, every kinds of wine is having a beautiful story, no matter be the red wine of Chinese liquor or foreign country,having long history. Wine is a kind of indispensable agency in economic communication, it is people the necessary drink in daily life, no matter be royal celebration or private party little not wine. Chinese wine kind the product is of long standing and well established, was 5000 a of bright China culture main component. The outstanding work of a lot of poets of China, painter wonderful because of wine, a lot of history incident because of wine sublimate, the feeling of a lot of people is deepened because of wine. China joins world trade (WTO) later, as the progress of global economic integration, almost all industry of China received course with international, only alone wine line of business goes hang back of door going abroad to walk on hardship, no matter be of the foreign country,wine imports China or wine exit abroad of China is difficult and heavy. The name that goes up to cannot see Chinese alcoholic drink almost is exhibited in international wine, chinese wine still cannot find way on the international market. Wine line of business of China is facing unprecedented good luck and challenge at the moment, more the hidden trouble that existing to make a person anxious. In addition, of foreign wine inbreaking is one disaster after another more, the distillation firewater such as a few whisky of Euramerican country, vodka, enter Chinese market sadly, race to control many Chinese market share that approximate saturation originally. In the take turns of all sorts of foreign wine aggression falls, chinese wine kind the product decreases with each passing day in domestic sales volume already was the fact that does not dispute. Below the lake surface with Chinese liquor calm industry " surfy " , a tremendous change is brewing in.
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