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Fair of 2007 China food holds entertainment cocktail party
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(Reporter Zhu Huihui approach money) the nocturnal music evening party that entertainment bender of fair of 2007 China food and whole world tell, in Na Yuan restaurant is held ceremoniously tonight.

The leader that attends entertainment cocktail party and honored guest have: Conspicuous of cloth of vice-chairman of 9 National People's Congress, bai Lichen of vice-chairman of countrywide the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, li Changjiang of director of total bureau of national qualitative check, bayinchaolu of secretary of members of standing committee of provincial Party committee, municipal Party committee, yellow Sea of assistant of minister of Department of Commerce, he Jihai of chairman of Chinese trade union, vice-governor Jin Deshui, omit language of Zhang Wei of vice-chairman of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, mao Guanglie of vice secretary of municipal Party committee, mayor, save Zhu Yaozu of vice directors of 9 National People's Congress, poland is stationed in Anjieyi Weixiake of consul general of Shanghai consulate general, dutong of vice-chairman of federation of Chinese light industry and, jiang Ming of vice-chairman of Chinese trade union. Entertainment bender is chaired by deputy mayor Xu Mingfu.

Attend entertainment cocktail party still have: The country concerns ministries and commissions and unit leader, countrywide each province, city, municipality and brotherly city leadership reach relevant branch chief, the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference of National People's Congress of peaceful wave municipal Party committee, city, municipal government, city is led, global honored guest, travelling merchant and journalism media are represented.

Mao Guanglie represents municipal Party committee, municipal government when the speech, the leader that attends grand meeting to coming round, honored guest expresses warm reception. He says, ning Bo is 10 congress of our country exhibit brand of famous city, China. The meeting that feed rich is in 3 times continuously Ning Bo is held successfully, the Xin Liang that becomes peace conference of trade of Ning Bo and even Zhejiang province, whole nation to postpone development is nodded. "Civilian it is a day in order to feed " , ensure food safety is a of seventeen big report serious content, it is a project of major the people's livelihood. Current the meeting that feed rich aims to abound masses food sort, promote food industry administrative levels, drive food occupation standard to change construction, market of prosperous standard food, quality of cogent safeguard food is safe. Meet this through feeding rich one platform, the safe production of stimulative food, current superintend, healthy consumption, to our country consumptive safety and industry harmony develop, advance the society that attachs most importance to a dot with the people's livelihood to build, have very important sense. We will be chance with holding the meeting that feed rich, strengthen the collaboration that extends business and travelling merchant with broad ginseng energetically, mutual benefit win-win, cooperate hand in hand, make brand of Chinese food industry postpone grand meeting of meeting, dimensions jointly.
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