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Dalian international beer pulls open heavy curtain 26 days
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? ? ? Division of beer of 2007 China International pulls open heavy curtain at 26 days. 25 days, when Sun Antian of Dalian city deputy mayor leads the branch such as public security, industrial and commercial, sanitation to check cloth of beer sobriety business to extend a case, say, secure job is important matter of beer division first class, each want to involve good security jointly with beer division organizing committee about the branch, ensure no risk at all.

? ? ? The wine business that enters a red-letter day this year is participated in directly for beer group mostly, before the form of agency ginseng section is replaced stage by stage. Ginseng sobriety business besides beer of Hua Run, heavy snow, Yantai, the form that uses large stage and tent entirely almost undertakes revealing, build on field have 956 tent. These tent have distinguishing feature each, appearance of old like Pearl River beer covering or awning on a car is a basketball.

? ? ? Hua Run, Yan Jing, Qingdao, Pearl River, heavy snow, 100 power, the group of beer of more than 30 China and foreign countries such as Baltic, Belgium and manufacturer of partial Germany beer mixes Harbin, morning sun, Ying Bo, Russia beer company, will carry brand of more than kinds of 200 beer to appear on beer division.

? ? ? During beer division, dimensions of multiform literary show activity is baronial, opening ceremony evening party more show specialization characteristic, it is dimensions of evening party of opening ceremony of division of all previous beer battle array of the biggest, show is the most luxurious. On the evening party, sun Nan, Gong Ying bundle wait for star to will give spot audience to bring wonderful program.

? ? ? During beer division, will hold opening ceremony and fireworks evening party, " Munich old covering or awning on a car " make one's rounds of ceremony driving covering or awning on a car, festooned vehicle swims, beer culture and special subject photography are exhibited, the activity such as big lottery of contest of drink of contest of beer knowledge contest, beer, entrance ticket.

(Mao Xuemei Jin Dongshu)

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