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Division of spirits of name of the 3rd world will be held at Guangzhou in June
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Exhibition of wine of name of 2008 Guangzhou international and division of spirits of name of the 3rd world will on June 3, 2008 - Guangzhou bright and beautiful is saved 5 days in Guangdong Chinese exhibition center is held ceremoniously.

Exhibiting meeting predecessor is attract worldwide attention " hard drinks of China International wine is exhibited " (InterwineChina) , since was held first 2005, current exhibit can hold 3 successfully already. 2007, exhibit can greet bureau of foreign trade of government of municipality of Spanish made of baked clay Lun Xiya first (I.V.E.X) , Portuguese entrepreneur association (AEP) , stimulative bureau of Portuguese classics trade (P) , the many countries such as stimulative center of ASSOLOMBADA of Italian entrepreneur federation, Switzerland business affairs government, organize 5 countries successfully to extend 12 states such as group and France, Mexico, Germany, Japan, Korea, Portuguese, Chile, south Africa, Belgian, United States single company ginseng is exhibited, exhibited respectively organic wine of wine of bishop, wine, health care, vodka, whisky, pulque, raspberry wine, Japan clear wine, China, home's famous Maotai red wine, 9 continent SOD, dynasty, Long Hui join what compare the United States with world wine line of business to reveal platform; State of the rank of nobility of Guangzhou tall tree, Shenzhen, bay gold red, Fosan firm wine of name of Niweinuo, China and foreign countries, Hangzhou always makes rich, playboy major importer also carries his all representative brand comes from afar.

Undertake one year of the Olympic Games as our country this year, china is surely by abroad be on the tiptoe of expectation, the place that pays close attention to actively. Bear this grand occasion, exhibition of wine of name of 2008 Guangzhou international and division of spirits of name of the 3rd world (Interwine2008) the look that got business of domestic and international numerous wine is looked attentively at, already greeted come from benefit of Spain, south Africa, Italy, France, Portuguese, Australia, Chile, Rome inferior, the multilateral government such as Bulgaria, Maerduowa, Greek, Saierweiya, Brazil and enterprise affirm attend grand meeting. In division of world name spirits, will come from the spirits of well-known brand of wine place of business such as Spain, south Africa, Australia, Chile, France showpiece. If X of bureau of Spanish foreign trade leads IVEX, IPEX general to be wide audience, wine kind lover brings Walunxiya and Kasidiliyalamancha area; Company of south Africa export guides the wine place of business such as general honest SouthAfricaFineWine, OVERHEXWINESINTERNATIONAL to will be shown come from the Southern Hemisphere the high-quality goods wine of mysterious country; French FCL-consulting company passes grade wine Zhuang Chen to list on behalf of 25 come from champagne and Boerduode the wine of the area. Come from the birthplace of wine Zu Dukang----The aroma that limited company develops the line of business of big China wine of Du Kang village meticulously and becomes liquor, Xiamen Pu is special the Australia that eggplant trade limited company acts as agent installs high-quality goods bishop, Guangzhou formerly wine of the red wine of line of business of rich river wine, Jin Huajian duckweed kind development trade limited company, the beautiful wine that is about to exhibit a group with the multilateral government such as Italy, France, Portuguese, Spain, south Africa compares fluctuation. The renown wine brand such as wine of 10 become known, red wine, bishop, beer already was in fervent sign up in the center; Comply with numerous the requirement that comes from Vinexpo2008 to postpone business greatly each, exhibit what can exhibit business to offer Hong Kong to reach Guangzhou to attend the meeting designedly is free move back and forth bus and hotel are entered wait for favourable policy, the ginseng that predicts to will be lifted another time exhibits a climax. Meanwhile, exhibit still can cooperate with domestic and international numerous media, make powerful media publicize offensive, will invite come from domestic and international business of 10000 imports and exports, agency, hotel, supermarket arrives exhibit meeting site to purchase, country of 10 above whole world judges bender to arrive at congress congress of appraise through comparison of directive name wine.
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