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Division of all previous beer reviews
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Division of first Tianjin beer was in on July 6 at coming on July 2, 2000 south city food market is held. Drew countrywide each district a variety of more than 30 beer manufacturer, 120 beer ginseng are exhibited, be in 5 days short inside, the client of patronage beer division amounts to 500 thousand person-time.

Tianjin division of the 2nd beer was set in on August 5 at coming on July 31, 2001 new market of transformed gold of peaceful distance business, to Chi Feng south, north at most park of Lun Daosheng benefit, full-length one kilometer, cover an area of nearly 7000 square metre, enlarge nearly one times than the first. Attracted 46 manufacturer, the client of patronage reachs 300 much people.

Tianjin division of the 3rd beer was held on July 21 at coming on July 13, 2002, held a place to return just reparative anew south city food market. Ginseng exhibit nearly 30 manufacturers, beer breed 160 many, all ginseng postpones before domestic produce and sale measures a rank 10 business. Guest of China and foreign countries patronage of 800 thousand person.

Tianjin division of the 4th beer was held in Tianjin Eden on August 17 at coming on August 8, 2003. Whole activity dimensions big, class is high, exceptionally grand occasion, admit consumer in all 1.5 million person-time, ginseng exhibit firm sale to amount to 10 million yuan.

Tianjin division of the 5th beer was held in the park on water on August 15 at coming on August 6, 2004, join meeting number to exceed 1 million person-time, the ginseng inside 10 days exhibits firm site to sell 3 million bottles of beer, ginseng meeting number, cover an area of an area to sell dimensions to all be achieved all previous most.

Tianjin division of the 6th beer came to was held in the park on Tianjin water on July 31 on July 22, 2005. The total number of current beer division exceeds presence 1 million person-time, beer sale exceeds 3.5 million bottles () of coal tub, cup. Receive nearly 50 million yuan of entrance ticket and beer sale continuously, gross income is close to 100 million yuan.

Tianjin division of the 7th beer came 23 days to be held in the park on Tianjin water on July 15, 2006. The common people of this city dweller of current beer division mixes presence come from the whole nation, and the manufacturer of world each district, tourist achieves 1 million person-time, beer sells more than 20 thousand case, sale amount achieves 1.9 million yuan.


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