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First " coadjutant cup " forum of height of development of highland barley wine
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(Reporter Wang Jing reports) on July 30 morning, develop height forum and action business in order to publicize the wine of highland barley wine, Chinese highland barley that promotes major idea of melt into of highland barley article to negotiate can hold in Xia Dou Xining.

Chinese wine kind Trade Association secretary-general Liu member, Qinghai saves wine of the first highland barley to develop the leader such as Ma Yuanbiao of director of height forum organizing committee to attend forum. The personage reachs wine related association of trade of wine of countrywide each district kind nearly 1000 people joined product agency forum. Main topic for discussion is forum: Character of highland barley wine is recommended; Highland barley wine develops a tendency; The profit pattern of wine of distribute highland barley and fortune grow a way; The sale of wine of stimulative highland barley of concern of the project that compose builds harmony, business in countrywide market.

It is reported, bencihui is discussed by wine of association of Chinese brew industry, China kind current association is sponsorred, qinghai saves wine kind guild undertakes, sichuan province, the Gansu Province, the Xizang Autonomous Region is saved 3 times (municipality) wine kind guild couplet does.

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