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Wine kind current management measure
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Wine kind current management measure

The first chapter? Total? Criterion

The first? For normative wine kind current order, stimulative wine kind the market grows in order, maintain national interest, protect wine kind the legitimate rights and interests of generator, operator and consumer, concern law, code according to the country, make this way.

The 2nd? Does this method place weigh wine kind be precision pointing to wine? (? Alcohol content? ) ? Be more than? 0.5 % (? Bulk mark? ) ? spirituosity beverage, include to ferment the wine, distillation wine, drink that makes up alcohol of wine, edible to contain alcohol part with etc. Wine of the medicinal liquor that approves production lawfully about administration department via the country, health food kind except.

This method place weighs wine kind current include wine kind wholesale, retail, store the management activity such as carry.

The 3rd? Wine is engaged in in churchyard of People's Republic of China kind current activity, ought to observe this way.

The 4th? Wine kind current fact travel operator puts on record the system that register and trace to the source system.

The 5th? Department of Commerce is in charge of countrywide wine kind current supervisory management works.

Branch of director of commerce of prefectural class above is in charge of the wine inside area of politics of one's own profession kind current supervisory management works.

The 2nd chapter? Put on record register

The 6th? Be engaged in wine kind wholesale, retail unit or individual? (? Wine of the following a general designation kind operator? ) ? Ought to be in after obtaining business license? 60? In a few days, manage a principle by apanage, to registration book ground the branch of director of the commerce that be the same as class of department of industrial and commercial administration is dealt with put on record register.

The 7th? Wine kind operator puts on record the program that register is as follows:

(? One? ) ? Get " wine kind current put on record registration form " ? (? The following abbreviation " registration form " ? ) ? .

(? 2? ) ? Fill in " registration form " . Wine kind operator should complete, accurate, bona fide fills in " registration form " ; Read seriously at the same time " registration form " what add a provision, sign by legal representative or owner, affix one's seal.

(? 3? ) ? To business affairs director branch refers undermentioned put on record the material that register:

1? , press this method the 7th? (? 2? ) ? The requirement fills in " registration form " in duplicate;

2? , sign by legal representative or owner, the business charter photocopy of affix one's seal and wholesome licence photocopy;

3? , classics Department of Commerce is approbated and be in charge of a branch by provincial business affairs fair the other stuff that shows a requirement to refer.

The 8th? Should commerce director branch get alcoholic drink oneself kind since the day of afore-mentioned data that operator submits? 5? Deal with inside weekday put on record the formalities that register, in " registration form " on build seal.
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