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On June 1 wine kind the liquid goods such as perfume must not mail
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Yesterday, miss He opens store of a familiar net that clean out treasure as usual, the plan buys cosmetic, be sold the home to inform however cannot mail, she is depressed very. Mail inside the near future or the friend that the net buys goods of similar liquid state, a lot of metropolises experience the experience like Miss He. The reporter learns from city post office, arrive from June 1 on October 31, liquid kind will prohibit waiting for a form to close through express delivery, wrap up with farinose article send.

Fluid kind article is same cannot send

Mail nonperformance is self-given exempt from examinations

As we have learned, perfume, shampoo, wine kind beverage, liquid medicine belong to fluid kind article, there is certain dangerous sex below special situation. During the Olympic Games, stem from safe consideration, liquid kind article is included contraband list. In addition, like chemical industry kind, pulverous kind, Electromechanical device, similar lump (cream shape article) , unidentified metal, close of unidentified gas or liquid plant is same also forbid to close send. City post office carries Wu Kangming of dimension department head tells a reporter, ban send liquid state article to be not the closest talent to begin, postal regulation has policy of embargo of liquid state article all the time, though basically be aimed at hydrochloric acid, organic dissolvent, benzine so,wait combustible explode easily article, but water of skin of perfume, bright, shampoo also belong to product of industry of liquid state apperception, below special situation, it is certain to be had likewise explode easily the combustible, dangerous sex that pollutes other goods.

Besides contraband list, the other postal matter outside correspondence is in mail in the process, still will undertake present check is inspected, close especially send sponsor urban Beijing toward the Olympic Games, and 6 assist the postal matter that handles island of urban Tianjin, Shanghai, Shenyang, Qingdao, Qin Huang, Hong Kong, check is inspected rate must achieve 100% . "Previously if the other side has agreement of exempt from examinations, what we basically adopt is the form that selective examination, and whether is there qualification of self-given exempt from examinations no matter now, will uniform nonperformance is self-given exempt from examinations, we can be chased to mail undertake check is inspected. " Wu Kangming says.

Build check to inspect seal

With assistant and mail-order big client signs an agreement

The reporter sees in postal service hall of city post office, before every window paste is worn about informing contrabandly during the Olympic Games. The citizen mails afore when article, every assistant can undertake demonstrative.

The reporter understands, city post office rises from May 1, postal window or mail take the post that accepts personnel, check must be built to inspect seal on mail detail sheet " mail already check is inspected, check inspects a person: Xxx(agency person signs) " , in order to determine relevant blame.
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