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Level of country glacial wine is difficult " broken ice "
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"I had been interested in make domestic industry put wine standard on the ice not at all. " Liaoning sun cereal is manorial Wu Tinghui of limited company president is opposite wine line of business the reporter says so, have already on his face but also have definitely. Helpless is, occupation standard cannot publish Chinese ice wine tardy; Of definitely is, sun cereal decides " a thousand li walks along Chan Qi " , wu Tinghui says: "The standard that disaccord international conforms, without any meanings! Without any meanings!!

Putting wine on the ice is high-end vinous delegate. In western society, glacial wine has " liquid gold " beautiful praise, be European royalty and Euramerican brownstone identity is indicative. If say from 20 centuries the later period in 90 time begins the wine market rise in China, so glacial wine just begins to cut a figure in Chinese market from this century initial stage, the consumptive administrative levels of this and Chinese market rises ceaselessly have inevitable connection. But, country is at present right " glacial wine " use of the concept at will, and active bishop standard GB/T15037 - standard of wine of 94 incommensurate ice is produced and quality detects, created the appearance of good and evil people mixed up of market glacial wine.

In fact, home market is at present so called " glacial wine " can divide basically it is 3 kinds: One kind is Icewine " glacial wine " , character is best and it is true glacial wine, bottled entrance and the entrance ice wine that import minute of outfit and the homebred ice wine that accord with level of production glacial wine belong to this kind. The price of outfit of cent of home of raw material entrance and homebred ice wine is in 200 yuan of above, wine of bottled entrance ice is in 300 yuan of above. One kind is IceWine (or weigh FrozenWine) " kind glacial wine " , put the grape into freezer to freeze with artificial means, have the glacial alcoholic drink of brew next. Kind glacial wine and the distinction that put wine on the ice are brew raw material whether is glacial grape natural and freezing mature grape, the price of this kind of wine goes to 200 yuan in a few yuan between. The 3rd kind is DryWine Sugar " copy puts wine on the ice " , majority of this kind of wine is to use candy, grape to juice and alcohol are allocated and be become, the price is accordingly lower, some has ten yuan of RMBs only.

Since period of time, internal standard allows the state that considers normative industry glacial wine all the time about the orgnaization, but encountered two kinds of sound. A kind of sound is a delegate with Wu Tinghui, think level of country glacial wine should conform with international standard, for example VQA standard of Canada (the abbreviate that VQA is alliance of Canadian bishop character) be worth to draw lessons from. This standard definition to putting wine on the ice calls the most strict bishop on the world the standard with the can that make. And the VQA bill that issues generally according to was being installed 2000, VQA has become a compulsive jurisprudence by a freewill standard organization, make Canada puts wine on the ice from viticultural, cultivate, picked, install this to brew, fill a series of the process is superintended strictly with law by the comprehensive monitoring of VQA standard. Another kind of sound thinks, market glacial wine just starts in home, ought to reduce a standard to cultivate the market.
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