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GB15037-2006 " bishop " give new standard
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Is quality of People's Republic of China supervised examine quarantine total bureau? Release

GB turns administrative committee

Before? Character

The 3rd chapter, the 5th chapter is this standard mandatory clause, other is recommend sexual clause.

This standard consults used " international grape and bishop bureau code " (OIV) - 2003 edition, ? One of degree that send a gender are blame equivalent.

Is this standard pair of GB/T? 15037 - 1994 " bishop " edit.

Does this standard replace GB/T? 15037 - 1994.

This standard and original standard GB/T? 15037 - the main change of 1994 is as follows:

1. ? The description of term and definition consults " OIV code " and " code of technology of Chinese grape brew " undertook modification. Increased special type bishop -- the description of term of the interest opening bishop, ice bishop, expensive corrupt bishop, bishop yield film, low mellow bishop, bishop that do not have alcohol, hill bishop and definition;

2. ? Original standard of product classification reservation is classified by colour and lustre and carbon dioxide content outside, increased to press classification of the quantity that contain sugar;

3. Technical requirement

-- consult " OIV code " take out free index of 2 oxidation sulfur, withheld always set limit to of 2 oxidation sulfur makes bid;

-- total sick at heart does not make a provision, with actual measurement the value is accurate, in order to facilitate of wine wine type decide;

-- increased quota of set limit to of citric acid, copper, methanol, antiseptic;

4. Increased the provision of clean content;

5. Test gauge is medium, to sampling watch and each clause undertook modification.


Appendix A " classification of bishop feeling view comments a description " for data sex appendix.

Appendix B " article of grape breed China and foreign countries contrasts watch " for data sex appendix.

This standard rises from executive day, replace GB/T? 15037 - 1994.

This standard standardizes technical committee brew to divide technical committee to put forward by countrywide food industry.

This standard is fermented by countrywide food standardization center puts in a mouth 's charge.

This standard is in charge of drafting an unit: Chinese food ferments bishop of limited company of brew of grape of dynasty of limited company of limited company of Zhang Yu bishop of industrial academy, Yantai, bishop of Chinese Great Wall, Sino-French jointly owned, country detects bishop of international of center, new season estate company, Gansu Province company of estate of Mo Gao wine.

This standard basically drafts a person: Kang Yongpu, Li Jiming, Tian Yali, Wang Shusheng, Zhu Jiyi, Chen Yong, Dong Xinyi, Tianqi is static


1. ? Limits

Method of the definition that this standard provided bishop product, classification, requirement, analysis, test gauge is mixed mark, pack, carry, keep in storage.
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