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The expert inside course of study unscrambles the bishop new standard that is ab
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? ? ? Since January 1, 2008, our country begins to implement bishop new standard (the following abbreviation " new GB " ) . To this, change commissioner of bishop of level of bishop Inc. CTO, state Wang Jun thinks, of new standard carry out will indicate development of estate of our country wine enters new level.

? ? ? Former bishop standard recommends a gender for what released 1994 " bishop " national level (the following abbreviation " old GB " ) . Compare with old GB photograph, the connotation of the bishop idea that provides in new GB and extension are more strict. To bishop of the bishop of a particular year that industry pays close attention to generally, breed bishop and producing area, new GB gave out to define, and " term and definition " belong to mandatory clause. If a particular year of vinous of a particular year must be a particular year that shows the grape is picked, and the grape juice content in bishop must exceed 80% , sweet bishop must be to contain candy to be more than 45 grams / the wine that promote. On the other hand, the product in new GB is classified and examine the principle is more scientific. On bishop product classification, old GB presses colour and lustre and classification of carbon dioxide content only, new GB increased to press the description that the quantity that contain sugar has classified classificationing with the sense organ evaluating. In addition, the manage in new GB changes index and international to conform; Wholesome index is pressed mandatory national level " ferment wine sanitation standard " carry out; Agent of complex colorant, sweet taste, essence, thickener all must not be added in all products; Total sick at heart expresses with actual measurement value. In the meantime, still raised the index of set limit to of citric acid, copper, methanol, antiseptic and clean content requirement, the requirement that spends to alcohol also instead " go up not to seal a top " .

? ? ? Wang Jun thinks, the biggest distinction of new GB and old GB depends on: New GB is a mandatory standard. As new GB come on stage, the confused situation with old GB, occupation standard and industry collateral standard be about to terminative.

? ? ? In recent years, china's huge wine consumption market attracted each capital to contend for swarm into, no matter dispute place of production is returned in grape source, bishop produces manufacturer blossom everywhere, the amount jumps. Because old GB is insufficient perfect, classify insufficient detail, and did not get enforcing executive, bring about good and evil people mixed up of market of our country wine, mud and sand are carried along-there is mingling of good and bad.

? ? ? Wang Jun thinks, a few flaw in old GB, offerred to illegal pedlar not only convenient, company of production of a few normal bishop is jerry-built also, shoddy, this kind of behavior produced an enterprise to cause very big impact to other bishop, affected level of whole of industry of our country wine rise. And of new GB carry out will rise to help actor up to be restricted the action of bad, only those sincere letters are managed, stand fast the ability of bishop production company of quality and brand presents a good development the look of things.
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