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" beer bottle " reach other to standardize the introduction
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In last few years, the standardization job progress of beer industry is rapidder, reach formulate of all sorts of Yuan Fucai makings to have corresponding national level and occupation standard besides beer major product outside, below the attention of concerned branch and support, begin to come on stage a series of industry government level. Current, the standardization job of beer industry is in food industry front row.

Use conference opportunity to introduce to everybody " beer bottle " standard etc of a few standards make edit circumstance.

One, " beer bottle " of the standard edit circumstance

At the beginning of 90 time, beer consumption is apparent seller's market, beer sells quickly, beer works is right of the material that pack examine guard a pass lax, the explosion of bottled beer hurts person incident to happen from time to tome, make the central point that consumer complains. The country decides to revise about the branch " beer bottle " standard, explode in order to control the happening of bottle incident, so, " beer bottle " of the standard edit get the attention of each respect. Up to now, " beer bottle " of the standard edit the job already experienced 3 level:

1, the standard edited 1995 level

1995, " beer bottle " standard GB4544, 91 undertook editing, because beer industry and vitreous bottle manufacturing industry edit in the standard,is serious main points to see difference on content, did not make finally to main content of the standard alter, increased former state to manage the relevant content of the file about enhancing beer bottle quality about the branch only, namely beer bottle makes special number " B " ; Proposal beer bottle reclaims term of service is two years; Sheet is listed measure one-time use beer bottle gently to wait. The standard GB4544 after revising, 1996 released on June 25, 1996, carried out on January 1, 1997. 1998, the country pledges check total bureau allots 40 article, clear beer company must be used entirely since April 1, 1999 accord with GB4544, the beer bottle of 1996. Fall into disuse namely blame " B " bottle, use entirely " B " mark bottle.

But, in GB4544, in the executive process of 1996, appear a few more the following problem, beer company is very big to this reaction.

① ? The company changes centrally blame " B " bottle, need to invest a large number of capital, change in the process, differentiate hard on product line piece " B " bottle and blame " B " bottle;

② ? Fall into disuse to deadline blame " B " bottle, each district executes the law strength is differ, some companies expand those who buy other brand " B " the word reclaims bottle, some enterprises still are being used up to now blame " B " bottle, cause market disorder;

③ ? After new standard is carried out, still did not solve those who consume the market to explode bottle problem.

1998, to know beer industry in the round inside " beer bottle " executive circumstance of the standard, beer branch organized beer bottle to use circumstance investigation, with respect to beer production uses new bottle scale, use " B " number of day of have enough to meet need of bottle scale, beer bottle and detect the circumstance such as beer bottle percent of pass undertook investigating, receive a questionnaire many 100, after arranging findings, beer branch reflected a condition about the branch to the country, put forward a standard to carry out medium problem.
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