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Hold 4 " optimal " health drinks
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Optimal breed

Wine has the branch of liquor, beer, wine, look from healthy angle, it is actor when the claret with one of wine. According to researcher introduction, there is part of pigment of a kind of plant in claret, what restrain a gender with antioxidant and plaque is double " the identity " the flexibility that protects blood vessel and blood are expedite, make the heart is not sent be short of blood, chang Yingong bishop suffers from the odds of heart disease to be able to reduce an in part.

Optimal time

Drink after 2 o'clock afternoon everyday safer. Because in the morning a few hours, the mildew that alcohol decomposes in the stomach - alcohol dehydrogenation enzymatic density is low, drinkable the wine that waits for a quantity, relatively absorb more easily afternoon, make the alcohol chroma in blood elevatory. Cause greater harm to the organ such as liver, head. In addition, hollow, before sleeping, catch a cold or also should not be when rage drink, especially liquor, lest cardiovascular fall victim.

Optimal drink is measured

The alcohol that human body liver can metabolize everyday is every kilograms of weight about 1 gram. The alcohol amount that a person of 60 kilograms of weight allows to absorb everyday should be restricted it is under 60 grams. Under 60 kilograms of weight person should decrease accordingly, best in 45 grams left and right sides control. Conversion should be into all sorts of finished product wine: 60 degrees of liquor 50 grams, beer 1 kilogram, whisky 250 milliliter. Although claret is healthful, but also cannot drinkable excessive, with everyday 2 it is beautiful to 3 cups.

Optimal assist dish

Look from the metabolization rule of alcohol, optimal assist dish should be pushed high protein and contain the food with much vitamin. Be like fresh vegetable, fresh fish, lean lean, legume, egg kind etc. Attention, avoid by all means uses go with wine of salty fish, banger, bacon, because this kind is fumed dried meat food is contained a large number of pigment and inferior saltpetre amine, produce reaction with alcohol, hurt liver not only, and damage oral cavity and esophagus mucous membrane, cause cancer even.

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