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Woman of wine of man drink chrysanthemum takes the fruit of medicinal cornal
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Deep fall red-letter day, jin Ju is spat colourful, orange osmanthus waves sweet, the festival that weigh this world arrived again. Because of the traditional Chinese calendar at the beginning of September 9 days have two " 9 " word photograph is heavy, friend says " heavy 9 " . All previous is ancient and come, uprise goes in this day between my countryman, so also person weighs in relief section to be uprise section.

Why does heavy this world want uprise? All through the ages has a few kinds of views, have most representative is Na Renhuan situation sounded Han Dairu " easy " cost of word Great Master grows a room to tell on September 9, ru Na has big calamity to arrive, should leave home a word that mountain-climbing can avoid. Then water of Home Huan Jingju passes chrysanthemum alcoholic drink, the fruit of medicinal cornal on the belt goes mountaineering, the result has avoided a disaster. Evermore, weigh in relief section every year, many people go uprise, as time passes forms a kind consuetudinary.

The ancients uprise, wine of man drink chrysanthemum, the woman takes the fruit of medicinal cornal, saying is to be able to beg auspicious exorcise to avoid calamity. Allegedly, du Fu has uprise of a year of heavy in relief division, deep feeling myriad, if thoughts emerges write down " heavy this world drinks alone the wine in the cup, be ill case ascend river appear on the stage " line. Open historical picture scroll, see not hard, all through the ages weighs in relief section, many bookman post guests write down the poem of a large number of win universal praise for subject matter with uprise, your person is worth reading for many times, leave a precious culture legacy to later generations. Be like dimension of king of Tang Chaoshi's person " recalled Shandong brother on September 9 " " it is a stranger in foreign land alone, on festive occasions more than ever we think of our dear ones far away. . Yao knows brotherly uprise to be in, insert the fruit of medicinal cornal little one person. " Du Fu " immensity falls below Mu Xiao desolate, billow of endless the Yangtse River comes " line lets person thoughts rise and fall, daydream multifarious.

Our country territory is extensive, southeast northwest, high mountain ridges is endless, can ascend a Shan Junling that can swim to be able to be found everywhere again. Be located in the Guangdong south mountain, what civilian all through the ages has the uprise that weigh this world is consuetudinary. Hill waits the Luo Fu of the vessel lake hill of the hill of peak of an elongated pointed tablet of jade held in the hands by ancient rulers on ceremonial occasions that the Xi Qiao of the Bai Yunshan of Guangzhou, Nanhai meets hill, newly, Zhao Qing, rich collect a moment, weigh in relief section every year to stay by tens of thousands the footmark of personage of each estate mountain-climbing.

Allegedly, during quiet acting middle period, the grand of sweet hill county, fine, must mix 4 mostly masses weighs in relief uprise very be current. Outside dividing Tian Yu, always the section weighing this world of beautiful day blue sky, many places appear lift the home to go out the phenomenon of uprise, also have go up about person of the same trade or bosom friend close down also go one day to around mountain ridge uprise. Be full of a family as to those, do not divide often employ less come chair man, carry them toward destination, carry with a large retinue next the pace mountaineers. Common people mountain-climbing, that moment is to walk completely, have barefoot, have those who wear sandal. Their some is supporting oilpaper hide from view, some wears bamboo cap or straw hat, in twos and threes, one before one hind, the hill diameter upgrade that tilts along Yan Wan is ascended, joyous sound laughs language, broke the hush of Shan Ye of deep Qiu Milin.
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