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The beard before the end of the year of liquor, bishop enters product quality el
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Beijing of Xinhua News Agency on April 8 report? The reporter pledges from the country check total bureau learns 8 days, 9 kinds 69 kinds of products must be in advancement of the end of the year enters product quality electron to superintend a net this year.

According to preliminary count, these 69 kinds of products involve a company in all 87477. The country pledges check total bureau says about chief, to reduce industry burden, consideration product packs diversity and difficulty of the technology that endow with a code, it is the cent that endow with a code A, B two kinds, a kind to taste, b kind code ode is planted in every the product is much more large-scale bag mount, by enterprise write one's own ticket.

In food: Milk powder of recipe of liquor, bishop, soybean oil, baby, milk powder; Farming endowment in: Answer mix fat, phosphate fertilizer; In electric home appliances
Involve a company 24990, among them key enterprise 582. These 582 enterprises must pledge according to the country the requirement of the concerned department document such as check total bureau, this year the network was completed before the bottom in June.

Superintendency net of product quality electron is the working net that governmental quality superintends. Electronic superintendency net applies informatization method to strengthen superintend, undertake monitoring of real time trends to the enterprise by superintendency branch, realized consumer to wait for means to taste quality to producing through the inquiry on the net at the same time supervise. ? ? ?    


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