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Bishop new GB becomes the beginning of the year of compulsive level next year to
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? ? ? Whether can you believe a particular year that writes on each bottles of bishop? Whether do you know those are alleged " dry bishop " , " sweet bishop " how does content of its candy cent distinguish? How are you clear that vinous actors or actress poor grade divides again? As bishop " new GB " the message get about that will apply formally at rising on January 1 next year, all is in in consumer heart these about vinous problem, very fast perhaps OK " bring order out of chaos " , but to domestic wine market " bring order out of chaos " just just perhaps begin.

? ? ? It is reported, former bishop standard is the GB/T15037-1994 that Chinese food fermented standardization center is in charge of an organization making 1994 " bishop " recommend sexual state level. Produce the horizontal the good and bad are intermingled of manufacturer considering Chinese bishop at that time, this GB serves as only recommend sexual level. But this 10 come for years, as the swift and violent development of domestic wine market, this standard cannot have had the effect of normative sex to the industry apparently. Because this is at the beginning of April 2006, committee of experts of wine of association of Chinese food industry announces external: Draft of bishop new GB has been made finish, had handed over international grape and bishop organization.

? ? ? This new GB announces formally already nowadays to rose to be carried out in manufacturing domain on January 1, 2008, and by recommend instead of sexual state level mandatory national level.

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