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Jin wine health wine to create a digital production era in China
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With the heightened awareness of people, health, wine health wine that combines the taste and health benefits of the products are more and more popular. At present, more than 3,000 common health wine companies increasingly bigger piece of pie with egg Cake, the size of the brand's health wine full of each channel. In the massive publicity campaign, many consumers only care about publicity, but often overlooked health decisions a key factor in wine quality - production technology. In China, most health wine is currently used manual method of immersion or percolation extraction of medicinal ingredients. Backward production technology, has become a constraint to enhance the quality of national health wine bottleneck. Recently, the China Jin wine lasted more than ten years of research and development of new products, "Digital extraction of the Chinese Jin wine" in the national market, which on the whole health wine industry, is tantamount to a new technological revolution. According to reports, the effectiveness of Chinese herbal extract the number of components, is a measure of health care functions of the core elements of the wine. Digital extraction of flavor ingredients much different from the past will be processed together the traditional extraction process. The technology Emphasizes the importance of the different nature of each flavor and medicinal characteristics of the individual targeted treatment, extraction of Chinese herbal medicines in screening the effectiveness of beneficial ingredients to the human body, while effectively removing invalid medicinal ingredients to maximize the extraction The efficacy of medicinal ingredients. China's new Jin-listed wine, the wine of the active ingredient in the purity, stability is more prominent, the total saponins, total flavonoids and other functional ingredients to effectively enhance the product's anti-fatigue, immune and other health effects have Improved significantly. Digital extraction of medicinal herbs through the filter elements and impurities invalid, effective degradation of the bitter taste of Chinese herbal medicines, some consumers are not accustomed to play down the middle Smell, taste better when drinking alcohol. At the same time, the computer intelligent students Production platform of the feeding, extraction and deployment of quantitative management, quality and more stable. In addition, digital extraction technology, to the effect of Chinese herbal medicines for each blind individual components, quantitative extraction, and deployment of health wine to achieve intelligent control of the process, become a health wine digital manufacturing platform's core technology . According to experts, China's Jin alcohol extraction technology has reached the number of domestic and international pharmaceutical production enterprise-class, representing the advanced level of the current Chinese herbal medicine treatment.