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"Country cellar 1573 " -- concentrated wine culture
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Tell from commercial sense, "Country cellar 1573 " it is liquor industry a new brand, appear on the market formally in May 2001 sale. But with respect to its essence connotation character, it is group of Lu city old cellar or pit for storing things to craft of Chinese distill wine, culture and history to condense compositive.

"Country cellar " , namely the State Council gave orders to give according to cultural relic of national level key bright generation makes Lu state of protection 1996 wine cellar pool (Inc. of old cellar or pit for storing things of the possessory city that it is Lu) .

Brew " country cellar 1573 " what use base wine, all out these cellar pools. In the list that protects cultural relic in national level key, brew wine cellar this one. Continuance is used amount to 400 old cellar pools up to now, also have one land of Lu city only.

"Country cellar 1573 " originate in Sichuan Lu city, here is plain south over renown wine belt source. Be in a large amount of carriage with waterborne the times that give priority to, once was the merchant gathers, the ground of car beam Cou. Rainwater of here all the year round is abundant, damp and hot is given priority to, special be helpful for unprocessed food grains fermenting, "Country cellar 1573 " brew unprocessed food grains also has its special terrain feature, the requirement on craft must be Lu city the glutinous red broomcorn that upland country produces.

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