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Sichuan bishop is begged in crack of course of study live
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Fashionable exquisite is packed, the icon with sheer originality, brand that makes a person enchanted is publicized... 11 days afternoon, brandy of one new fund Zhangyu attracted shop of wine of general merchandise of well of Chengdu king government office many clients. "Of firm past mid-autumn, National Day, forthcoming new year's day, Spring Festival, it is bishop sale busy season, a lot of manufacturer are rolled out in succession advocate make a brand.

" the member that sell Miss Guo explains. Reporter discovery, in this numerous new old brand, it is famous brand of foreign wine and country more, rarely seen Sichuan mainland brand. Miss Guo says: "This also no wonder who, sichuan bishop is original little, can not make noisy brand, buy us to be done not have without the client. Buy us to be done not have without the client..

Far raise of Sichuan liquor reputation, "6 gold are beautiful " and the second line brand with various breed is famous in China and foreign countries; Although Sichuan beer develops unlike liquor, also have Hua Runla sword however, radiation is southwest 5 provinces; And Sichuan bishop however unknown to public, delicacy has as.

Industry grows bishop of congenital and insufficient Sichuan lag " bishop is Sichuan wine all the time kind medium soft costal region. " 11 days, the Sichuan university that is engaged in oenology for a long time teachs Hu Yongsong to think, sichuan bishop develops the effect that suffers district resource, raw material, progress is slow. Grape of brew vinous raw material produces less, quality not tall, the temperature of Sichuan area, humidity, difference in temperature, water quality bishop that does not suit brew high quality. "Tell from this respect, sichuan cannot catch up with and other places of the Yantai that bishop develops, Ningxia, Xinjiang far, but in me the province is climbed on the west, the requirement that parcel area of dam of pleasant Zi, A has bishop to develop. But in me the province is climbed on the west, the requirement that parcel area of dam of pleasant Zi, A has bishop to develop..

As we have learned, current, my province has 22 bishop company only. Wine line of business faces weak, small, little situation. A priori is not worth and did not hold back " plain Pu " the pace of development, each enterprise seeks a breakthrough in effort " plain Pu " method of natural environment disaffected. According to chief inspector of carry of battalion of company of estate of Chengdu red wine Zhao Weibo discloses, chengdu red past is produced in Shandong, but build a plant in optional location of the survey inside Sichuan limits all the time, an all sorts of conditions were chosen in A dam city last year first-rate " geomantic treasure ground " , plan to be produced at building a plant this year, but because be affected by the earthquake, plan to defer, but won't change in plain the program of the production that build a plant.

Ab extra brand " first impressions are strongest " amlposition of native land brand develops
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