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Guizhou of settle of Cultural Festival of first China wine
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On July 30, press conference of Cultural Festival of first China wine is held in Beijing. Current Cultural Festival is sponsorred by Chinese trade union, guizhou Province government supports, guiyang city undertakes, on December the middle ten days of a month is held in Guiyang city.

National hair changes appoint Hu Ping of advisory committee director, province feeds article of dynasty of culture seminar total adviser, government of group of development of economy of imports and exports of wine of sugar of organizing committee of Cultural Festival of wine of Chinese trade union, China, China, province is stationed in Beijing agency, association of communication of China economy progress attends a press conference about chief and speak. Undertake square " country the countryside of wine " fame and " wine culture " glamour attracted Xinhua News Agency, CCTV, central people instantly broadcasting station of broadcast of people of broadcast broadcasting station, Beijing, phoenix is defended inspect, east is defended inspect and daily of People's Daily, Beijing, light, the country such as Hungarian, Russia, Brazil, Turkey, Bulgaria, Poland is stationed in China ambassadorial also attend a news briefing on invitation with culture commercial counsellor.

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