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Shandong saved spring candy bender to kick off in Wei 2008
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Yesterday, shandong saved spring candy bender to pull open heavy curtain formally in the our city 2008, many 1500 company that comes from province inside and outside comes to Wei lane in succession " dig gold " .

On current candy bender, come round to join the in an endless stream of travelling merchant of countrywide each district of the meeting, occasion is very lively. Wait for wine besides phyletic and various liquor, beer, bishop kind outside, beverage, milkings, deputy food, pack, presswork, the relevant enterprise such as machinery of outfit of glass, fill attends a meeting in succession ginseng exhibit, candy bender solemned exposition. Candy bender organizing committee tells a reporter about chief, enterprise of each district of current candy bender takes seriously very much, ginseng of many 1500 enterprise is exhibited, still a lot of enterprises come in succession, although increased,exhibit not less temporarily, a little nervous still now. Join this year postpone a business unusual be willing to part with or use is devoted, cloth exhibits class taller and taller, become current candy cocktail party one large window.

Shandong visited sugar spirits trade fair December 2008 taste Trade Association to sponsor by municipal government and non-staple food of spirits of Shandong province sugar, it is the major with my the at present biggest province one of sexual Fair, also be the provincial Fair with countrywide this only industry. This second Fair is in Wei lane is held the 2nd, will hold every year in Wei lane henceforth, it is right show Wei lane figure, raise a city famous spend and consequence, active meeting exhibits economy, enlarge capital attraction, development of stimulative service line of business and estate of treatment of production of sugar spirits deputy food has very important sense. In the meantime, also will give local meal, accommodation, travel, advertisement conduct propaganda, finance communication of safe, post and telecommunications, traffic is carried wait for an industry to bring numerous business chance and considerable economic benefits.

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